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Loads of nudity, Rapist Militaristic Biker Guys with gas masks, strange cult like dudes with robes, bunches of horny people, hilarious kung-fu action and scenes straight outta'... With Uschi Digard, Sandra Carey and Michael Abbott - Anyone have any other info on this one??? L.(88) After Leila, his boss's daughter, is kidnapped by psychotic plague victim, Decker (effectively overplayed by genre great Brion James) a rescue is set into motion. Janet Agren, George Eastman, John Saxon and Claudio Cassinelli (who died during filming in a helicopter crash and died immediately) star. BAIn France, deep in a wine cellar, a group of people hear a blast.

Inger Stevens obviously playing this as "sexually frustrated to the max" with a "Somebody make up their mind, please ! LBX- BA Not exactly a western, but a similar period film taking place during the Italian Revolution in 1848 with similarities to "Duck You Sucker" - Argento took a break from his usual output for this one. Now, since Mario Bava directed this, we get a colorful Bava opening title sequence, that is completely different than the U. This one delivers the trash goods with a druggie costume party, go-go chicks, an unusual cast and more.In French with no Subs - Pretty Rare(59) Archaeologists investigating some Mayan ruins run into a blob-like Lovecraftian ancient creature in this Italian made take on "The Blob". With Melody Patterson, William Windom, Murray Mc Leod, Lori Martin and more.